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 Liberty Talking Therapy Limited

Rochford Essex

When you can't look on the bright side let us sit with you in the dark

Liberty "the state of being free"

Let me tell you a bit about how Liberty Talking Therapy Limited came about.  

There was no great plan, in fact Catherine, our founder was happily working as a PA in London when life took an unexpected turn and she found herself on a training course to become a counsellor - and it changed her life!! She found her calling and could not imagine doing anything else ever again.

Since beginning her training the world has rushed past from working in agencies to setting up in private practice to now running a Counselling Company, always striving to provide ethical, safe and worthwhile counselling services

Liberty Talking Therapy is proud to say that they have added additional therapists who have the same passion and commitment to the work,  so that more clients can access the services.  

Check out the website and get in touch if you have any questions or queries

What we can offer

Liberty Talking Therapy can offer you a supportive space to work out whatever it is you need to work out.

We have a variety of counsellors who work 6 days a week to provide a service that works for you.  All of our counsellors are qualified and insured and members on an accredited register.  They offer expertise on areas such as anxiety issues, couples counselling, loss, low mood, working with Children and Young People, carers, accessing therapy on-line, along with the skills needed to help you negotiate the everyday bumps in the road.

We work in person from Rochford and Benfleet, via telephone or video and even outside with our Walk & Talk Therapy; we will do what we can to find the right fit so the therapy works for you.


Liberty Talking Therapy Limited

Co Reg No: 12782682

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